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I just said a similar thing a student yesterday “Students get the professors they deserve, it is not a one way street.” But, as soon as it was out of my mouth, I said “Nope, that’s not right.” And, here’s what I then told him, “Students have limited power and they haven’t yet been taught some of the basic skills or what that challenging entails, nor its benefits and in some cases they don’t know the hidden risks. So, we, those with more power, even if that power (as is mine) slight when compared to the other more powerful in an institution but nevertheless more than the students have AS TEHY BEGIN LEARNING TO ORGANIZE AND TAKE THOSE FIRST FEW STEPS or learning to challenge and take those first few risks. So, it is our responsibility to help them challenge, take up their cause, otherwise it would be in many ways the same as asking the slaves to fight their owners and then blaming them when they don’t. I think anyway but maybe I’m just tired too? 🙂 Anyway, waht do you think? Sharon

schan1 said in March 26th, 2009 at 9:51

Well, you saw that it was very late when i posted, that i apologized for my cynicism, so it was similar to your comment to your student. i agree, wholeheartedly, with your second thoughts.

i am ALWAYS caught between the two poles. Knowing the personal challenge and cost it is to stand up, to speak truth to authority, i am wary to push students very hard on this. On the other hand, i want to create opportunities for them to practice their voice, but i don’t want to speak FOR them. i think your response here wonderfully acknowledges this tension. Ultimately, i agree that those of us with institutional power and influence MUST work to pull back the curtains, open the window so they can see, even open the door. At that point, they have to walk through the door themselves. But i love nothing more than to follow and to support them once they do.

Thanks, Sharon!

radicalteacher said in March 26th, 2009 at 11:13

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